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Home Inspector – Toronto: FAQs

1. Can we follow and observe the inspector during the inspection?

We encourage you to ask questions during the Inspection. The inspection is for your benefit and this is the time to ask away. We encourage you have a list if it is necessary. You can refer to the standard of Practice to see what is and is not inspected during an inspection.

2. What amount of time is spent on the inspection?

Every inspection is unique, but the average home takes between 1.5-3 hours depending on factors such as, size, age, outdoor fixtures, polls, outdoor buildings, etc.  An approximate time frame is the usual and will be set aside, but no inspection is rushed or left unfinished.

3. What are the extra charges?

The inspection price is as stated for the inspection performed. Infra Red cameras are carried by all inspectors and will be used as they feel fit on regular inspections. If the infrared camera is used on the above inspection, there will be no extra charge.

4. How many inspectors are available?

We have three inspectors.
Pasquale D’Orrico, Certified Master Inspector, Certified Mold Inspector, Antonio Canatella, Certified professional Inspector, Certified Mold Inspector,

5. Where does the home inspection fit in the HOME BUYING PROCESS?

In today's market we have made available these varieties of types of inspections, and they are at different stages of the home buying stage

1. Pre-listing inspection

Performed before the house is listed.

  • Allows you, the homeowner, to address and correct concerns prior to listing
  • You can find safety issues prior to having people walking through and around your home
  • You will know all concerns ahead of the listing, so there will be no surprises
  • with multiple offer scenarios all around, it helps generate a strong offer at the negotiating table

2. Pre-purchase inspection 

Pre-purchase inspection takes the risk out of your purchase. Reduces the possible impact of unknown issues in the home. Foundations, plumbing or electrical can cost several thousand dollars in repairs. Know the details before purchase. We have three different type of pre-offer inspections to suit your requirements.

3. Maintenance inspection

Maintenance inspection. A home should be inspected every three to five years. A maintenance inspection gives you the same comprehensive and detailed inspection that you would get when buying or selling. The real difference is you are mitigating risk in your own home. Homes are like a car, it requires regular maintenance Over time, everything deteriorates…electrical, plumbing, foundation, roofing, windows, doors, caulking. A maintenance inspection allows you to find the areas of deterioration and address the concern before it becomes a problem.

4. New Home Inspections (PDI or Pre-Delivery Inspection)

When you walk through your new home with the builder for your pre-delivery inspection, it is wise to have a certified Home Inspector with you. This will help to identify deficiencies which will be covered by your new home warranty. A full report is issues and can be attached to your paperwork for future reference

5. A new home first year (Tarion Warranty)

Before you have been in your newly built home for a full year, have it inspected by a Certified Home Inspector. Any deficiencies that occur during the first year of the home settling will be covered by your new home warranty. A full report is issues and can be attached to your paperwork for future reference

6. What time frame is needed to set up the home inspection

Normally we try and ask for a couple of days in advance, but we always try and be as accommodating as is possible.

7. Inspection rates start at $300, depending on the property size and style.

Visit the Rates Page for full details. We do not charge any additional fees for older homes or for additional report services. Thermal inspection is always included. No matter how long the inspection takes, the number of concerns found which require reporting, the age of the home etc., your rate will never change

8. Are Home Inspectors Licensed in ONTARIO?

The government is taking strides towards putting regulations in place. Until that happens, anyone can call themselves a home inspector. Our Home Inspectors are certified by a North American, accredited institution, attend a minimum number of hours each year for continuing education and have years combined industry experience. Don’t take a risk with an uncertified home inspector. Above and Beyond Home Inspections offers the MOST comprehensive and detailed home inspection with the best available tools and knowledge available.

9. Does a home inspector have to be insured?

Experience serves our reputation, E&O insurance is because we are professionals. At Above and Beyond Home Inspections, all home inspectors carry the same e&o insurance as your Realtor, Lawyer, your mortgage broker and doctor. Home Inspectors are professional consultant services too.

10. How long before the “e-report” is delivered to my email?

Within 12 hours normally, but we always give you an idea before we leave the inspected house. 24 hours guarantee. Reports can be prepared right after the inspection, as long as it has been arranged at the time of scheduling the inspection.

11. What items are inspected on the inspection?

  • Grounds, Structure, Exterior Surfaces, Windows, Doors and Wood Trim, Roof,
  • Attic, Interior Rooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Basement or Mechanical Room, 
  • Crawl Space, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/Cooling System,

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